Mar 20, 2013

Arrrew : Mojo's 5th album release

It's hard to believe, but Mojo has released an album a year since his first FAWM participation in 2009.
Arrrew is his 5th album. Less "aggressive" than the previous ones in terms of sound, but still very experimental, in that we've tried our hands (and paws) at more genres.
It's funny to see how we've evolved, from raw, careless experimentations to something more refined.

Nowadays, Mojo doesn't contents himself with approving (or disapproving) the melodies I play him : he shows me the musical directions he wants me to take.
How does he do that? Well, cats know very well how to make you understand what they want, don't they?
Under normal circumstances, Mojo is VERY talkative. When we make music, he becomes even more boisterous. He babbles, he purrs, he blinks, he plants his claws into my trousers, he climbs on his synth and plays his things (with all four legs)...
Sometimes, when he loves something I'm working on for MY projects, he tries to hijack it - he comes near my mic and meows very loudly, or jump on my synth while I'm playing.
In any case, when I sing, he sings too. My music is full of ghost meows that have been captured as the same time as my voice.

I regard Arrrew as Mojo's "album of maturity". Like any other musician, he has learnt, and has become better over the course of the years. By letting him impose his tastes and his hand (or paw) on me, I have learnt and become better too.

I'm curious to know where he will take me next time : more explorations, or a return to the roots?