May 5, 2017

Excerpts From The Lost Opuses

Excerpts From The Lost Opuses is a collection of tracks recorded in 2008, during the February Album Writing Month and the 50/90 challenge.

Instead of going for haphazard inspiration, I constrained myself to write pieces inspired by predefined themes : Dreams, Landscapes, Memories, Odes To The Earth, and Nonchalance. To make it to 50 songs, I also recorded an Indie-Shoegaze opus, «Casual Matters», that has been released under my other name, Caterwauler.

As often goes with creativity challenges encouraging quantity, not all the tracks were good. Only the best ones made it to the album, hence its title.

This album features a piece I particularly enjoyed creating : «So Be It».
I was in the countryside, and an impressive storm was raging. I made an audio recording, sheltered from the thundershower by a canopy roof, awe-struck by our smallness in front of the forces of nature.
Back home, I played the sounds I had captured, and recorded the song this experience had inspired.
«So Be It» remained my most popular song on until the site was shut down in May 2017.

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