May 5, 2017

In The Eye Of The Cyclone

I started this project by the end of 2016, after Mojo passed away.

In the course of years, making music with him had become as important as working on my other projects, if not more. He was the reason why I ventured into unknown musical territories, and made it easy to renew my songwriting approach. When he left, I found myself deeply destabilized, just like anyone who's lost an influential collaborator.

Besides, Mojo was not the only beloved one who departed last year. Repeated bereavements made for trying times in 2016 and early 2017, and burying myself in my novel and its soundtrack didn't help in regaining a balance. Therefore, I undertook to record pieces that would allow me to create and maintain an inner peace. In a way, this project could be regarded as dynamic meditation.

Although the album is available on Bandcamp, it's still a work in progress. I'll add tracks to it as we go along, while keeping working on my bigger project, The Twelve Pahiran.

There is a lovely story behind the song Lucky Star : I wrote it for one of my listeners on, va7sdf, after he adopted a star for me.

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