What am I up to?

Last updated : 6/7/2017

Music :
Currently working on The Twelve Pahiran Part III

Newest songs :
#4/18 - Nandho's Vagaries

#3/18 - On The Road To Corfhos

#2/18 - The Lights Of Erendhia

#1/18 - Called To Arms

- Finished a new piece for my side project A Darker Premonition : Above The Lake

Writing :
Still working on my fantasy novel, The Twelve Pahiran.
Currently forging ahead with phase 3 : refining style, hunting for inconsistencies, delving deeper into the different civilizations.
Word count : over 170,000

Other :
Updating my music profiles everywhere on the internet, owing to the shutdown of thesixtyone.com.

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